Trilum is currently working on two titles, The Final Jam which we hope to launch later in the year, and Treasure which will be available for free on some time around mid-year.  

Here are some games we’ve worked on

The Final Jam

Final Jam is a twin stick shooter with a twist. The game is a fast paced shooter that combines elements from platformers, twin sticks, third person shooters and rampagingly chaotic good times! 

Optimise the Null

Teapot headed gangsters? Hoverboards? Whacky racing? Sure why not. A one month romance with a crazy prototype.


Crabby Catcher

Play as the charming crustacean Crabby, cathin’ the fish, and lookin’ good doin it!



A stranded skeleton, a mysterious island, and lots of doubloons! Treasure was an experimental game that we made in our final year of university.


Another of our student projects, a third person action adventure across a solar system!


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